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Meat Loaf, Cheddar Mashed Potatoes & Broccoli
by Jes Mostek

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In addition to the recipes, you will also need the following for this meal:
  1 (1 lb.) bag  Frozen Broccoli

Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
by Tee Bell
serves: 8
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  "'This new twist on an old favorite is great for company because it makes plenty,' assures Debra Francis of Nathalie, Virginia. 'The original recipe called for baked potatoes, but boiling them is quicker.'"

Prep Time:
40 Min Cook Time:
20 Min Ready In:
1 Hr
  8 Med   potatoes, peeled and cubed
  1/2 cup   sour cream
  1/3 cup   butter or margarine, softened
  1 tsp   salt
  1/4 tsp   pepper
  1 cup   shredded Cheddar chees
  2 pieces   bacon, strips cooked and crumbled
  1 tsp   minced chives
  Place potatoes in a saucepan and cover with water; cover and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Drain and mash. Add sour cream, butter, salt and pepper; beat until smooth and fluffy.
Transfer to a greased 2-1/2-qt. baking dish. Sprinkle with cheese, bacon and chives if desired. Bake, uncovered, at 325 degrees F for 20 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted.
  • Side Dishes
Traditional Meat Loaf
by Jes Mostek
serves: 8

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  Traditional savory meatloaf with a sweet tomato sauce glaze.
  1 1/2 lb.   ground beef
  1/2 c.   milk
  1 T.   Worcestershire sauce
  1 tsp.   salt
  1 tsp.   ground mustard
  2 cloves   garlic (or 1/2 tsp. powder for each clove)
  3 lg.   eggs
  30   soda crackers
  1/4 c.   onion, chopped
  1 c.   ketchup, divided
  1/2 c.   brown sugar
  Heat oven to 350F. Put crackers in a gallon-sized zipper bag. Seal bag and roll over bag with rolling pin to crush crackers.

In a small mixing bowl, stir together brown sugar and half the ketchup until smooth. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine meat, milk, Worcestershire, salt, ground mustard, pepper, garlic, eggs, cracker crumbs, chopped onion and remaining half of ketchup. Transfer meat mixture to an ungreased bread loaf pan.

Spread ketchup and brown sugar mixture over top of meat. Bake (uncovered) for 60-75 minutes, or until meat thermometer inserted into center of meatloaf reads at least 160F.
  • Fall/Winter
  • Low Carb
  • Main Dishes
  • Meats
  • Peanut/Nut Free
  • Quick & Easy
  • Smart Budget Foods

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