Dagwood Sandwich
by Shawna & Doug Daniels
serves: 4
  1 Loaf   Bread of choice
  8   Small Dill Pickles
  10 Leaves   Green Lettuce or Shredded Lettuce in amount of choice
  10 Slices   Tomato
  5 Slices   Bologna
  5 Slices   Turkey Breast
  5 Slices   American Cheese
  5 Slices   Salami
  5 Slices   Ham
  5 Slices   Swiss Cheese
  5 Slices   Red Onion
  1/4 Cup   Italian Dressing
  1. Laying your knife flat, cut the Pullman loaf in half, lengthwise

2. Cut the two halves in half again the same way. You should now have four long flat slices of bread. Set the top two aside

3. Separate the bottom two slices and splash the bottom layer of bread with half of the Italian dressing

4. Layer on first: five lettuce leaves, then five slices of tomato. Now layer on the bologna, turkey and American cheese

5. Top this lower sandwich half with a center slice of bread and set aside

6. Now separate the top two slices of bread, laying the center slice down and the top slice aside

7. On the center slice, lay down first, five lettuce leaves, then five tomato slices. Layer on the ham, salami and Swiss cheese. Top with the onions and splash the onions with the remaining Italian dressing

Substitute meats and cheeses as desired.

Recipe obtained from http://www.famie.com/recipes/dagwood.htm