Whiskey Marinade for Steak, Chicken, or Pork
by Jes Mostek
serves: 8
  The purpose of a marinade is to tenderize your meat while enfusing a delicious flavor into it. If you find yourself on a tight schedule, speed up the process by tenderizing your meat with a mallet or fork (by piercing it) before marinating it.
  1/2 c.   steak sauce
  1/2 c.   whiskey
  1/4 c.   packed brown sugar
  1/4 c.   olive oil
  1 T.   garlic powder
  1 T.   onion powder
  1 tsp.   salt
  1 tsp.   pepper
  1/4 tsp.   chili powder or red pepper
  In a medium mixing bowl, combine whiskey, steak sauce, and brown sugar.

While whisking rapidly and constantly, add the oil in a slow, steady stream. The mixture will thicken slightly from the emulsification of the oil.

Stir in the spices.

Combine meat and marinade in an air-tight container. Shake container. Refrigerate for 3 hours - overnight.