Hawaiian Pulled Pork
by Kristen Yost
serves: 8
  Pulled Pork Sandwiches in the slow cooker
  3 lb   pork shoulder
  1   terryiki grill marinade
  1 tbs   paprika
  1 tbs   pepper
  1/2 cup   chicken broth
  1/2 cup   brown sugar
  1/4 cup   soy sauce
  1 cup   chili sauce
  1 can   pinapple juice
  1   onion
  1   carrot
  8   hamburger rolls
  Rub spices on pork shoulder. Mix together chicken broth,brown sugar,soy sauce, chili sauce and pinapple juice. Put onion and carrots at bottom of slow cooker, place pork on top. Pour half of juice mixture over pork. 7 or 8 hrs on low. Heat rest of juice mixture with garlic, boil, and reduce.