Fajita Salad
by abi iubhar
serves: 3
  Fajita steak and bell peppers over a salad.
  3 T   olive oil
  1 T   tamari
  1 T   cumin
  1 t   paprika
  1/2 t   black pepper
  1/2   lime, squeezed
  1 T   garlic, minced
  1 t   oregano
  1/2 t   basil
  1 lb   steak, sliced
  3 cup   salad greens
  1 1/2 cup   red cabbage
  1/2 cup   grated carrot
  1 cup   bell peppers, mixed
  mix the first ten ingredients together. marinate at least two hours, preferably overnight. pour into a skillet and brown. add the bell peppers if you like them cooked.

divide the salad greens, cabbage, and carrot (and bell peppers if you prefer them uncooked) onto separate plates and then divide the meat onto them. the meat may be cooled and eaten cold, as well. i use the leftover sauce for the dressing as well.