Filafel Sandwiches with Pita Chips
by Jes Mostek
In addition to the recipe, you will also need the following for this meal:
  1 Bag  Pita Chips

Filafel Sandwiches
by Jes Mostek
serves: 6
  Filafel is a sandwich filler made up of small patties/burgers made mostly of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans that are fried in a small amount of oil until they have a crisp outside. And if you've never had one of these sandwiches before, then you're in for a treat!

Filafel is not all that difficult to make from scratch, so if you're up for that, go for it! But I find that the filafel mixes are easy to find and a snap to prepare.

The traditional dressing for filafel is tahini (sesame paste/butter), but unless you make your own hummus, you might have a hard time using up the rest of the jar. So I suggest using either packaged hummus (which contains tahini), or Annie's Naturals Goddess Dressing (not the green one), which is mostly tahini and olive oil.
  1 box   filafel mix
    oil, water, etc., as directed on filafel pkg.
  1 pkg.   pitas, either flat or pocket-style
  1 container   hummus
  1 pkg.   feta cheese
  1   cucumber, diced
  2   roma tomatoes, diced
  1 pkg.   sprouts
  1/2 bottle   Greek vinaigrette dressing (I like Kraft)
  Prepare the filafel as directed on the package, and place cooked patties on a paper-towel-lined plate (to drain of any excess oil).

Assemble each sandwich by spreading hummus on the pita, then topping with filafel, cheeese, cucumber, tomatoes, and spouts to your liking, and pouring about a tablespoon of the dressing over the top of each sandwich.