Pork and Mushroom Cavatappi with Garlic-Butter Green Beans
by Jes Mostek
  Prepare Mushroom Cavatappi, as directed on package. Stir in cooked, cut-up pork (from a pork chop from a previous meal) during the final few minutes of cooking time.
In addition to the recipe, you will also need the following for this meal:
  1/2 lb.  cooked pork, cut into bite-sized pieces
  1 pkg.  Mushroom Cavatappi dry packaged dinner

Garlic-Butter Green Beans
by Jes Mostek
serves: 4
  1 lb.   green beans, fresh or frozen
  1/4 c.   butter, melted
  1 tsp.   garlic powder
  Melt butter in a small, microwave-safe bowl. Stir garlic powder into butter.

If you are using fresh green beans, snap the end off of each bean, and boil or steam the beans to crisp-tender. For frozen beans, heat the beans through.

Drain the cooked green beans and transfer to a serving bowl. Drizzle the liquid garlic-butter over the top of the beans. Toss to make sure each bean is well-coated. Serve immediately.